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Latimer Players

It is Christmas Eve. Sue and Tom Millard have invited Sue’s dad, Brian, round to spend the happy festive season with them. However, all is not as idyllic as it might at first appear. After twenty-five years of marriage the couple are going through a bad patch. Unbeknown to Brian, who is a widower, Sue has invited three ladies round with the intention of finding him a partner. To add to the mayhem, one of Sue’s school friends arrives asking if she can stay for a couple of days after the breakdown of her marriage. The twists and turns, the intrigues and misunderstandings all add up to a hilarious evening’s entertainment.

The script was cleverly written, so that the dialogue was specific to each character, flowing naturally and with perfect pace.
I have seen a few of Raymond Hopkins’ plays and this one of his funniest. Many congratulations to all concerned.

–  Stirling Players – Australia.   Review by Gordon The Optom.

–  Stirling Players – Australia.   Review by Gordon The Optom.

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Published  2013 ISBN:-  9781852053293
Republished 2017 ISBN:- 978-0-9933857-7-3