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A comedy in two acts. The sixth play by this highly popular playwright whose plays have topped our charts in the UK and Australia. It all started with Love Begins at Fifty – now performed hundreds of times to delighted audiences. A recent production, performed for ten nights, was sold out every night of the run. His plays that followed – The Love Nest, Love and Money, It Must be Love and Love and Perfect Harmony have all been very popular with amateur drama groups.

The cast of the Abbey Theatre production of ‘Make Time for Love’

They say behind every successful man is a supportive woman, and Julie Hardisty is certainly that. Her husband, Brian, is a pillar of society and well respected in the local community. For her part, Julie enjoys the status their lifestyle brings.

However, all is not as it seems in this idyllic family. Brian feels trapped in their loveless marriage. He also resents the endless civic commitments he has taken on.

Completely out of character for this stable, upright citizen he decides to make a clean break from everything. He secretly starts planning to leave the marital home and travel around the world alone.

Unbeknown to Brian, a local television company has organized an award ceremony in recognition of his outstanding work in the community.

By a twist of fate, the presentation broadcast is due to go out live on the same day that Brian disappears to begin his travels. From that point onwards Julie’s life is destined to change for ever.

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 ISBN:-  978185205 3208