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Hanborough Players Love and Perfect Harmony

This is the fifth play by Raymond Hopkins whose first play LOVE BEGINS AT FIFTY has been performed many times both in this country and, more recently, in Australia. On at least two occasions, it has been chosen for the summer season at seaside towns and has played to large audiences. His plays that followed IT MUST BE LOVE, THE LOVE NEST and LOVE AND MONEY have been great successes.

This play, unlike the others, is a comedy rather than a farce and includes four original songs which can be sung or mimed. The full music score is included in this script.The action takes place in a back room of the local Corn Exchange in the south of England where the local choral society hold their rehearsals.Edith Codsmore is a self centred, obnoxious snob who has always taken the lead role in the choir. However, when a young newcomer joins the choir, she is selected to take the solo role in an International competition which they have entered.This causes major friction which is exacerbated by the fact that Edith’s daughter, Jenny, is having a fling with Hugh Jones, the son of Gavin, who is Edith’s arch rival. Odette Newbold is pregnant and has got her dates wrong. Is she going to give birth during the rehearsal?Their intrigues, quarrels and successes all add up to a most amusing, entertaining evening. Hardly any scenery or furniture is required which makes for ease in staging.

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ISBN:-1 85205 306 2 (978  1 85205 306 2)