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Picture from The Bottisham Players.

A third farcical comedy by the author of  LOVE BEGINS AT FIFTY. Set in a seaside guest house where misfortune follows misfortune – but ‘all’s well that ends well’. Or is it? David and Janet Thompson were deeply in love when they married thirty-two years ago. Their future seemed destined for marital bliss.  That was until Janet’s mother, Marjorie, moved in with them. From that day onwards, things started to go downhill. Their relationship has now reached an all-time low. In a last attempt to save the marriage, the couple have decided to return to the guest house where they spent their honeymoon. The idea being that they will rekindle the lost feelings of warmth and affection they used to share and live happily ever after. If only life was that simple! The second honeymoon is doomed from the beginning. The guest house is going through a bad patch. Marjorie’s decided to come along and upset everyone. David is pursued by an over-zealous waitress, a frustrated newly-wed and an admirer from the past. The result being, the whole week turns into a farce! Will true love win through in the end? Only Tyson, the mouse, has the answer.


The Love Nest is a most enjoyable play to rehearse and perform. Laughs came fast and furious and the audience left feeling uplifted…This play has a lot to offer. Non-stop humour, action throughout, twists and turns to the plot, good music and some poignant moments. Our production was a resounding success. We filled the venue every night and even had to turn people away.


Hanborough Players.

Last night was so funny, we both enjoyed ourselves so much, actually we have not laughed so much in yonks.   Everyone was perfectly cast …  if you were just round the corner I would come again tonight … well worth coming to though. Break a leg tonight.” “Loved the show!  Very funny, great characters, best lines you’ve ever had … it was really funny.”

– Audience reaction … The Community of Hugerford Theatre.

Link to ‘The Play Produced’ where director Nigel James discusses his production of The Love Nest for the Hanborough Players



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ISBN:-   H185205  258  9. Republished  2014