M6 F4. 

This  farce was booked for a summer season run in Torquay.  The plot twists and turns in a frantic manner right up to the surprise ending.

Picture of TOADS – performing It Must be Love.

TOADS Theatre Company, Torquay performing ‘It Must be Love’ Jason Taylor; a quiet unassuming person, is one week away from marrying Lucinda, his childhood sweetheart. The overzealous bride’s mother, Stella Parsons, has turned the wedding into a personal crusade. No expense has been spared and a year’s preparations have all come together to make it the event of the decade. Lucinda, who has always been dominated by her mother, has gone along with the lavish arrangements. As the wedding looms ever closer, everything is on track.  That is, until Julie, a girl from the local florists, calls at the Taylors’ to make some final arrangements. By a twist of fate, Jason is at home alone.  Their inevitable first meeting sparks off that magical chemistry which makes two people fall hopelessly in love. From that point on, the plot twists and turns in a frantic manner, making the wedding a far more memorable occasion than even Stella could have imagined.

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ISBN:-   185205 257 0 (2001)